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Trends come and go, most of the time. However, some escape the mold and become timeless classics interior-lovers can’t get enough of. We love the innovation of contemporary kitchen design, but there are a few old favorites that won’t be going anywhere soon. Read on to discover the kitchen trends that turned timeless!

1. Layered Lighting Kitchen Design Trends

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Since the introduction of layered light not too long ago, we’re not turning back. Working with different levels of light enables designers to create an atmosphere which they could before. Regardless of style, the triad of overall, task and accent lighting is woven into the kitchen’s blueprint.

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We can all be very thankful for this kitchen trend. Now, dark nooks and crannies are a thing of the past and so is a stark over-lit kitchen.

2. Open-Plan Kitchen Remodel

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A top requirement of a home renovators have is an open-plan kitchen area. Ever-evolving interior layouts have shifted from cubicle-like spaces in the early 20th century to wall-less living. Today, households rely on zoning through shelving and furniture to create distinct areas in a home.

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Open-plan is still a priority and tops the kitchen remodel trends, as families are much more integrated than they were at the beginning of the century. Architects and interior designers alike are taking the best trends and continually reinventing the kitchen layout to incorporate storage, smart technology, and seamless flow into modern-day homes.

3. Open Shelving in Kitchen Design

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Styles and trends of the past often get a revisit, and open shelving is one such golden-oldie. Open shelves were a necessity and not a kitchen cabinet trend. Before the arrival of the cabinets, 19th-century kitchens were basic with open shelves lining the walls.

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Shelving took a back seat for a few decades until it re-emerged as an on-trend plate holder in the 1950s. Luckily, the contemporary counterpart is minimalist and functional. With open shelving homeowners and designers can customize a kitchen to truly put their style-stamp on it.

4. Classic Kitchen Tiles

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Tiles are yet another great example of how a preloved trend got a makeover. Colorful feature walls with Mexican tile, backsplashes with subway tile, and even checkered floor tiles were all hot kitchen trends. They continue to captivate the attention of trendsetters and homemakers alike.

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Tiles are practical, replaceable and durable, which makes them a firm favorite in the kitchen remodel trends. Their ceramic, concrete, cork or glass material base also make them a greener alternative, which is a plus for the environmentally-friendly design community.

5. The Kitchen Breakfast Bar

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Not only is the breakfast bar a great place to fill up on nutrition, but it is also the perfect place to add creature comforts into the kitchen. This trend was the culmination of the evolution of two furniture pieces: the dining table (later a breakfast nook) and the kitchen island.

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The breakfast bar can house cabinets and also double as casual seating while you’re entertaining, which is exactly why this trend is so popular. Many contemporary homes have islands with seating and pendant lights that create a beautiful feature vignette in the kitchen.

6. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchens cabinets that have door fronts are often in five-panel shaker style. The term Shakers refers to a religious sect that believed in minimal living and making furniture themselves. The Shakers created the shaker style and also the original shaker-style cabinet.

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The shaker kitchen cabinets were made famous because of its practicality and modern aesthetic. Today we’re so accustomed to this style of cabinetry that we might not notice how innovative this design was for its time.

7. The Butcher’s Block Kitchen Counters

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Butcher blocks have become a must-have in designer kitchens, but their origin is very humble. Blacksmiths used softwood as an anvils shock absorber, and butchers used hard timber as a surface for carving meat, hence the name “butcher block”.

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Today, thickly cut wood with a neutral finish can be as beautiful as it is functional. The modest butcher’s block grew from an industrious worktop to a practical trend and has become a kitchen essential, alongside pots and pans. Whether you want a compact butcher block or a solid wood island, you won’t go wrong by adding this piece of nature into your kitchen.

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